Private Lessons are taught for individuals who are in need of personalized instruction for enhancing and/or learning skills for a competitive dance, crossfit, martial arts, parkour, gymnastics and cheer environment .

When You Purchase and Schedule 4 Lessons at a time, get a 10% discount

When You Purchase and Schedule 4 Lessons at a time, get a 10% discount


Private lessons can be taught individually or with a friend.Each lesson can be purchased for a duration of 30, 60 or 120 minutes per day.

Cash only please!

SKILLS that are taught:

Front and Side Aerials

Degree of Difficulty: MODERATE to SOMEWHAT HARD

Used for Dancers in Competitions: Fun skills to learn. Most dancers lack in power so learning these two skills take about 3 months to perfect. Most of the progressions are safe and productive in order to rapidly learn these skills on hard surfaces. The Aerial once is perceived as safe and mastered, the dancer is taught to add dance elements in and out of the aerials to add difficulty into their routine. 

Flips & Twisting

Degree of Difficulty: SOMEWHAT HARD to HARD

Advanced skills for those who are in competitive cheer: It takes a lot of stamina and endurance to engage at this stage of learning. Most Cheerleaders that are in a competitive Level 5 will take on the challenge of learning not just standing back tucks, layouts and full twisting flips. These athletes participate in learning double full twisting combinations as well as standing fulls to upgrade the level of difficulty to get to nationals and win their title division.

Walkovers, Handstands, Handsprings & Roundoffs

Degree of Difficulty: EASY to MODERATE

Learning basic tumbling for any participant involved in any sport (diving, cheer, dance, crossfit, gymnastics): Basic beginner and intermediate acrobatics for any adult or child whom are required to learn basic tumbling skills or are in need of enhancement of their form. The program is developed by a set amount of repetitions of strength training, motor control, range of motion and drilling. Progressions are taught safely using effective methods and appropriate use of equipment. These basic skills are taught as the beginning stepping stool for the next level of skill that required more stamina and endurance.

Strengthen Leaps, Jumps Power & Flexibility

Difficulty - EASY to HARD

Learn to combine and enhance difficulty leap and jump progressions and combinations: Learning to jump and split is a wonderful feeling. Strengthening the muscle. Working the muscle to lengthen, teaching our mind to connect the body to balance and stabilizing our joints to protect our inner power. Reaching the maximum range of motion that our joint mobility will allow us. Using Plyometrics to enhance quickness and power. Learning to leap and to jump takes more than you think…. but when you accomplish perfection, its beautiful to watch. Classes are open to all level divisions and ages.