Gymnastics Floor Choreographer

Gymnastics Floor Choreography is designed for JO Optional Level 6 through 10 and Excel Level’s; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Components of gymnastics tumbling, dance and acro difficulty is granted by the athlete’s ability to perform them as well as the requirements that are needed for the level that the athlete competes.


Coach Tamara Tangherlini, has studied dance and performed at Cal State University of Fullerton. Her passion of dance and understudies of modern, ballet and contemporary movement has created an interest in teaching of floor choreography to gymnasts that are looking for a more unique and interesting style of rhythm and movement performance.

“ I enjoy watching a performance, where the gymnast is not just showing off their tumbling skills, but are using expressive movements to show a dance routine that will leave the judges and audience something to remember”. - Coach Tamara


JO Level 7 Floor Gymnastics Choreography - by Tamara Tangherlini

This Contemporary music was chosen by the athlete. The creation of Artistic Movement was designed for the gymnast to interact with the rhythm and style. As you can see, this video was taken during a practice run, fined tuning is needed as the movement is developing through comfort, feeling and practice. Fun routine, for a beautiful artistic mover.

Floor Routines can be purchased with or without music selection from our library. Additional fees will be required when purchasing music from your website selection. The cost of a single floor choreography is $300. This does not include the music.

The cost includes:

  • A two hour ONE-ON-ONE private session with choreographer

  • An one hour follow up session during the first month of purchase

  • Gymnasts get to take home their choreographed floor routine footage danced by the choreographer so that they can continue to practice and execute the correct movement, rhythm and counts to their new floor performance.

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