Younique Fitness Events

Family - Fitness - Fun

We promote happy, healthy and unique fitness events for the whole family. We believe that families are considered a great resource of emotional support to promote fitness, health and the wellbeing of each family member.

Fitness activities such as, “Bring Your Parent to Gym Day”, was inspired by children, athletic gymnasts, that worked out everyday to pursue fitness excellency for love of the sport of gymnastics . The amount of fitness effort that these children have to endure is very difficult. The emotional support that is needed from their parents and family members are very important to the athletes as they continue to push themselves everyday to be better than the day before.

The idea behind the collaboration of both the parent and athlete working together through fitness activities was created to bring awareness of healthy productivity. Both parents and children worked together through different fitness activities that were challenging and fun. For parents that have never done a sport or never been involved in any physical activity, it was an eye opener! They had a chance to experience, what is like to be physically active and how hard it can be when take the decision of being inactive lifestyle. The awareness has led to positive outcomes, questioning the importance of health, fitness and wellbeing of themselves and family.

May 19, 2019 Bring your parent to gym day

“Bring Your Parent To Gym Day” - May 19th, 2019

Hosted at any gymnastics, cheer gym, outdoor/indoor facility.

This event is super fun. Get your parents to compete against you on varies fitness challenges that will have you laughing.


Girls Scout - Badge Event

“Fitness For Fun”

Participants (parents and scouts) get to engage in a two hour recreational fitness event that challenges the body and mind. Learning the importance components of health and fitness.

This is a private party event. Any one can participate!